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Drinking Chocolate

Do you often run after your child for feeding him/her milk? So, now let your child ask for milk by himself, as it has become tastier and healthier. An ideal addition to a glass of milk, drinking chocolate is a joy to every tongue. Sprinkle it over your coffee, or add it to puddings, biscuits, custard and so on to delight your palate. Also, set your mood right with drinking chocolate.



Health Secrets of Drinking Chocolate:

  • Drinking hot chocolate is associated with reduced blood pressure and elevating good cholesterol levels.
  • Hot chocolate is also responsible for the very low incidence of heart disease, stroke and cancer.
  • It contains more antioxidants than green tea and wine, thus has mood boosting properties too.

  • Packages

Available in: 100 gm. (Sprinkler)200 gm. (Tin Pack)

Nutritional Facts

  • 360 kcal
  • 1.92 g
  • 3.50 g
  • 82.00 g
  • 81.00 g
Refined Sugar Powder and Cocoa Powder
Contains Permitted Added Flavour Nature Identical Flavouring Substances (Chocolate)
Total Saturated Fat not more than 1.30%
Total Trans Fat not more than 0%
Identical flavouring substances chocolate
(Numbers as per International Numbering System)
Nutritional facts (per 100 g)
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