• 100 Gm

Kesar Elaichi

Now, enjoy the delightful creamy custard taste in the Kesar Elaichi flavor. Made from the finest ingredients, this custard powder has an epitome of kesar and elaichi contributing to a delicious yet healthy dessert. So, easily prepare it at home and turn your child’s boring milk into an amazing and tempting treat..



Health Secrets of Kesar Elaichi Custard:

  • Elaichi prevents and relieves cold & flu, regularizes heart rate, fights against anaemia, detoxifies the body and improves digestion.
  • Kesar may protect against cancer, cold, induces hair growth, promotes memory retention and learning.
  • It contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other components that leads to a healthy life.

  • Packages

Available in: 100 gm.

Nutritional Facts

  • 377 kcal
  • 0.00 g
  • 0.00 g
    Saturated Fat
  • 0.00 g
    Trans Fat
  • 0.40 g
  • 93.87 g
  • 0.00 g
Maize Starch
Cardamom Powder 2.5%
Saffron 0.01%
Edible Common Salt
Contains permitted synthetic food colour 102
Identical & artificial flavouring substances cardamom & saffron
(Numbers as per International Numbering System)
Nutritional facts (per 100 g)
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